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Social Investment

Social Investment is about improving the lives of our most vulnerable people by intervening early and tailoring public services to their needs.

In 2012, the Prime Minister set the public service 10 challenging targets. Since then, significant progress has been made:

  • More than 40,000 fewer children live in a benefit-dependent household.
  • The proportion of 18-year olds who achieve a NCEA Level 2 qualification has increased from 74 per cent to over 84 per cent.
  • And total crime has dropped by 16 per cent, with youth crime down by almost 40 per cent.

Budget 2016 continues this approach with a $652 million Social Investment package.

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Vulnerable children

$200 million to support vulnerable children – part of a $348 million reform of the child care and protection system.

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Educational achievement

$43 million for schools targeted to children most at risk of not achieving.

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Welfare dependence

$50 million to reduce long-term welfare dependence

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Youth service

$61 million to extend the Youth Service to 18 and 19-year olds.

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Whānau Ora

$40 million to support around 2,500 additional whānau and families.

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Prisoner reintegration

$20 million to support offenders leaving prison and returning to a community.

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