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Budget 2016 invests $2.2 billion in our healthcare system so all New Zealanders and their families have access to quality healthcare when they need it.

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District health boards

$1.6 billion for district health boards.

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$124 million to provide access to new medicines.

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Disability support

$169 million extra for disability support services.

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Elective surgery

$96 million to increase surgeries by 4,000 a year.

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Primary healthcare

$73 million including extra support for free GP visits and prescriptions for under 13s.

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Bowel cancer screening

$39 million to roll out a national screening programme.

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Ambulance services

$15 million to support air and road ambulance services.

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Support for pregnant women

$12 million to expand an alcohol and drug support programme.

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Mental health

$12 million to improve early access to mental health services.

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Increased tobacco excise

A 10 per cent increase on 1 January each year from 2017-2020.

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